“COVID 19” update as 24/3/20

Due to the ongoing and ever changing nature of Covid-19 we have made some changes to allow us to comply with Government Guidance whilst continuing to provide our veterinary services to our existing clients.
We will remain open so long as we are fit to do so, we have a duty of care for all of our patients and care deeply for their well being. We take this duty very seriously.
In accordance with guidelines we have had to make some changes both to staffing numbers and to opening hours so that we can reduce any close contact and adhere to social distancing.
What does this mean for you and your pets? If you are already registered with us then we will continue to provide our restricted services to you. Unfortunately we cannot register new clients at this time. We are not able to carry out routine consultations at present, these include annual vaccinations and nail clips. If your pet is unwell we will triage the case and offer either tele-consultation or organise an examination although you will be asked extra questions before we do this, such as in relation to your own health and any self isolation that you may be doing. You will be asked to wait in car where possible.
We cannot offer routine operations at this time unless there is a health or welfare problem which justifies the need. We must conserve Oxygen supplies for the anticipated demand from the NHS. I am sure that we can all understand this. Please speak to us about any concerns you may have or if you feel an operation is urgent.
Branches are at this point staffed to allow prescriptions to be made up and dispensed accordingly. Opening hours have been reduced across all sites although 24 hour emergency care is unaffected. We ask that you ring ahead so that we can prepare and take payment and then you can simply collect and go. We cannot supply more drugs than necessary due to pressure on the supply chain but have regular deliveries of drugs and foods. Please give us plenty of notice should you need a repeat. Branch surgeries will not be open at weekends.
Out of hours service continues to be provided by our own vets but again you will be triaged over the phone.
Our weekend surgery at Milnathort will not be running at this time but emergency advice can be sought by ringing the duty vet on 01577 863494. Please only ring us in a genuine emergency.
Farm work: Farm work continues as this is an integral part of the food supply chain and has welfare implications. Farmers are asked to contact us as normal on 01577 863494. Again we cannot allow stockpiling of drugs but have a steady supply coming to us and have been advised that although the deliveries are interrupted that they will continue. Again, if you are ordering vaccines for farm animals please give us extra notice.
Equine work : Emergency and urgent cases will be seen. We ask that social distancing be complied with as much as possible and would be grateful for hand washing or sanitising facilities. Again we will ask you further questions regarding health etc before we attend. Please ring us on 01577 863494 to discuss.
Thank you for your understanding during this time.

Cameron & Greig MRCVS